AGE: 28
OCCUPATION: restaurant host
HOMETOWN: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
LIVES IN: Wicker Park

Bearing a striking resemblance to a popular television actor is not Nick Campion’s idea of a good time. “It’s been the bane of my existence,” he says of people informing him that he could be the long-lost brother of Adrian Grenier, the star of HBO’s Entourage. (The dark wavy hair and soulful eyes come courtesy of an Italian father and a Lebanese mother.) A classically trained pianist, Campion says he is currently “just floating”—having cycled through a few advertising jobs, he is contemplating other long-term careers while keeping busy as a host at The Publican and working as a sound-design intern for a recording studio. “I’m one of those people who can’t decide what to do,” says Campion, who started at Loyola University as a premed student but graduated in 2005 with a degree in communications. “I’m a good writer, but I love science. Right now, I’m willing to try something new.”



Photograph: Maria Ponce