AGE: 47
OCCUPATION: professor
HOMETOWN: Athens, Greece
LIVES IN: South Loop

What hasn’t Pantelis Vassilakis done? Let’s see: He grew up in an exotic foreign city; played volleyball for his country’s national team; released an LP as a member of an eighties rock/pop band in the vein of Roxy Music; studied electrical engineering before switching to music composition; worked as a photographer for a major publisher; traveled all over Europe as a professional model; appeared once in the Italian Vogue; composed original scores and conducted music for a ballet company in England, during which time he received an award from Princess Diana; dabbled in sound design for theatre productions; moved to the United States and earned a Ph.D. from UCLA; got married on the beach in Malibu, California; found a perfect job—chairman of the Audio Arts and Acoustics Department at the School of Media Arts at Columbia College—in the utterly niche field of acoustics and aesthetics; and recently had twin babies—a boy and a girl—with his wife, Maria. Next?



Photograph: Maria Ponce