AGE: 23
OCCUPATION: marketing director
LIVES IN: Wicker Park

Pascale Wellin grew up in Lake View, went to high school in Wilmette, and attended Columbia College in the Loop. So, understandably, she dreams about moving to another city. “I would love to live in New York on the Lower East Side and work as a rep for a clothing designer,” she says. But for now, Wellin is content to learn about the trade as the director of marketing for Bonnie & Clyde’s, a boutique on Division Street that specializes in conceptual fashion for men and women—a style niche that has an admittedly small audience in Chicago. “It’s a tricky city,” she says. “We have a lot of people who dress for comfort.” But Chicago has its pluses, too: Her family lives here, and, in general, the people are friendly. The budding PR maven can even put a positive spin on the dreadful weather: “The winters make me appreciate the summers.”




Photograph: Maria Ponce