AGE: 31
OCCUPATION: interior decorator
HOMETOWN: Lincoln Park
LIVES IN: Lake View

Starting in 2004 as an intern, Sasha Adler has risen quickly to become a design director for Nate Berkus, the Oprah-endorsed interior designer and talk-show host. In this role, Adler interviews new clients about the scope of their design projects and then works with a team to devise solutions and execute the final plans, down to the tiniest finishing details. “We ask our clients to leave for a couple of days. We warehouse everything and do a complete installation. We put the pictures in the frames and the towels on the bars,” she says. “It’s almost like that TV moment when you open the door and the client says, ‘I get to live here!’” In her personal life, Adler and her husband, Greg, have been busy with a new baby, Harper. “Our daughter is literally perfect,” Adler says. “She’s so easygoing and fun. We even take her to restaurants with us.”



Photograph: Maria Ponce