A home in Old Town


Designed by the architecture firm Bauhs & Dring and completed in 1978, this eccentric Old Town home contains six levels of sunlit spaces that face south onto a large, secluded garden. “There are so many angles and lines and windows—it’s a phenomenal, unique home,” says Kris Mork, a Coldwell Banker agent who represented the property for Howard and Kay Bolnick, its first and only owners.

Despite the structure’s iconoclastic façade, the Bolnicks received multiple offers, and the place went under contract after only six weeks. “People on the outside looking at the house have no idea how gracious and how very spacious it is,” Mork says. “We knew we would find the buyers who appreciated it for what it offers.”

Prime among the four-bedroom home’s offerings, as Mork sees it, is that the multiple split levels put related rooms—such as the kitchen and dining room—just a few steps up or down from one another. “It’s not like some vertical townhouses, where some of the family can go months without using one of the levels,” she says. “My sellers used every part of the house all the time. It’s very convenient.”

The sale closed in late December. The buyers have not been identified in public records, and the Bolnicks could not be reached for comment.


Photograph: Todd Urban