The interior of Maude's Liquor Bar

MAUDE’S LIQUOR BAR It’s Gilt Bar with a French accent, and we’re in love all over again. 840 W. Randolph St.; 312-243-9712. The Chaser Amalie Drury’s first sip at Maude’s »

LEOPOLD Did King Leopold I of Belgium serve poutine or curried mussels at state dinners? Probably no. Lots of craft beers? Maybe so. 1450 W. Chicago Ave.; 312-348-1028

GRAHAMWICH The long wait and chaos within prove that people will pay $10 for sandwiches if they’re good enough. 615 N. State St.; 312-624-9188. VIDEO: Watch the chef make a halibut BLT »

DAVANTI ENOTECA In an ideal world, every Olive Garden would be a Davanti Enoteca instead. 1359 W. Taylor St.; 312-226-5550. Read our review »

GIRL & THE GOAT Girl got your goat? Join the crowd. 809 W. Randolph St.; 312-492-6262. Read our review »

CHICAGO CUT STEAKHOUSE We hear a new planet has been discovered. Unless it has a steak house, no one in Chicago gives a damn. 300 N. LaSalle St.; 312-329-1800. Pollack’s first impression of Chicago Cut »

DUE LIRE A neighborhood Italian BYO? The closest thing to a sure bet in the restaurant world. 4520 N. Lincoln Ave.; 773-275-7878

BISTRO ONE WEST The only thing generic about this satisfying stunner on the Fox River is the name. 1 W. Illinois St., St. Charles; 630-444-0600. Read our first look at Bistro One West »

CHIMNEY CAKE ISLAND This Edgewater bakery produces yummy, yeasty chimney cakes all day long—to keep up with demand. 1445 W. Devon Ave.; 773-856-0919. Read our Q&A with the owner of Chimney Cake Island in Dish »

WASABI Flight attendant from Kobe, Japan, meets acupuncturist from Korea, and before you can say “edamame,” Logan Square scores a cool new spot for sushi and more. 2539 N. Milwaukee Ave.; 773-227-8180


Photograph: Amalie Drury