A very large home in Hinsdale


In 2008, Khurram and Sameera Hussain paid $3.575 million for an old Tudor home in the Woodlands neighborhood of Hinsdale. They tore it down and put up a 27,400-square-foot behemoth. “It’s certainly the biggest house built here in the past six years,” says Robert McGinnis, the town’s building commissioner.

Neither of the Hussains (he’s a lawyer; she owns the 40-plus Dental Dreams clinics) responded to requests for comment, so it’s hard to determine what the house cost. On a permit application, the couple estimated construction at $5 million, but two sources familiar with the project believe it approaches $10 million. As for neighbors worried about the home’s size, McGinnis offers some words of consolation: “It could have been worse—they could have crammed two houses onto that [2.2 acre] lot.”

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Photograph: Dennis Rodkin