Jerry Reinsdorf


Jerry Reinsdorf

Age: 77

Occupation: Chairman, Chicago Bulls and White Sox; co-owner, United Center

His nickname says it all. One of the savviest decision makers in sports, the Chairman announced in November that the Bulls will build a 55,000-square-foot practice complex next to the United Center—if, that is, the state extends a portion of a generous tax break on the Near West Side parcel, otherwise set to expire in 2016. “He’s a crafty one, that Reinsdorf,” wrote Ben Joravsky in the Reader. “He’ll get that tax break, just you watch.” It’s a good bet, given the fact that Reinsdorf has already rallied two of his power bases—Bulls players (who prefer to practice in the city) and area property owners (eager to kick-start revitalization)—behind the plan. Oh, and the Robin Ventura hire that fans were bemoaning early in the season? Looks like the Chairman was right.