Meet Sisyphus, the unlikely group of composer Son Lux, indie darling Sufjan Stevens, and Chicago rapper Serengeti. The allusion to the Greek king nods to the tangled themes of drugs, sex, and deadbeat dads, which the crew takes on in its self-titled new album, out March 18 (Asthmatic Kitty and Joyful Noise, $20).

About the Group

Son Lux

A classically trained composer, this New Yorker lays the album’s foundations with heady, meandering beats.

Sufjan Stevens

The Detroit singer’s famous choirboy crooning gives the music a melancholy tone.


This impressive local lyricist isn’t afraid to rhyme “curdle” with “Steve Urkel,” “Studs Terkel,” and “pet store gerbil,” in a single breath, no less.