By some measures, the recently divorced Griffin may be the most eligible bachelor in town. Forbes pegs his net worth at $7.2 billion, making him Chicago’s richest man. And he’s getting richer by the minute: Citadel’s main funds rose nearly 13 percent from January 1, 2015 through November, according to Bloomberg, as the S&P closed that period essentially unchanged. Which is why every Kellogg and U. of C. grad seems to be beating down Griffin’s door for work. “We’ll interview about 10,000 candidates this year to fill about 300 jobs; Harvard’s a bit easier to get into,” he boasted in November.

In April, Griffin reeled in former Fed chairman Ben Bernanke to be a senior adviser. And he commands the ears of top decision makers, from Bruce Rauner and Rahm Emanuel to Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush. Oh yeah—he spends lavishly and gives back generously ($10 million to the Museum of Contemporary Art, $40 million to New York’s Museum of Modern Art).

A Hedge Funder’s Homes

Twelve sweet trophy pads (with sticker-shocking prices) that Ken Griffin has collected since 2009

Notes Purchase prices per various press reports. *Sold a second penthouse for $16 million in 2016. **At presstime, for sale for $73 million.