Thanks to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we know that Lake View's binge drinking rates top the city—and make it to the top 1 percent in the country. But maybe you guessed that. Do you know which neighborhood, on the other hand, is the most sober?

Only about 9 percent of Chinatown's residents binge on booze (defined as five or more drinks in a sitting for men, four for women), versus more than a third of Lake View’s denizens.

What’s with the discrepancy? Socioeconomics. In Chinatown, per capita income is just $15,000 (compared with $59,000 in Lake View), and only 21 percent of residents are college educated (compared with 84 percent). Wealthier, more educated people not only can afford alcohol but are more likely to engage in activities that involve drinking, such as dining out, according to a Gallup poll. On top of that, some Asians drink less due to a genetic mutation that causes a flush reaction.

Not to mention the most obvious factor—fewer bars, fewer places to get stinking drunk.