Child’s pose, cobra … upper eyelid firmer? Yoga isn’t just for abs. It can tone your face, too, says a new study out of Northwestern Medicine. Women did 30 minutes of yoga-inspired facial twists daily—and after 20 weeks looked about three years younger. Here’s one to try.

Face yogo step 1 illustration
Illustrations: John Kenzie

1. Smile, open your mouth, and go “Ahhh!” Draw your lower lip over your bottom teeth and push out your jaw (think Jim Carrey as Fire Marshal Bill).


Face yogo step 2 illustration

2. Slowly close your mouth while imagining that you’re scooping up a weight with your jaw. Do this 10 times, raising your chin an inch more with each rep.


Face yogo step 3 illustration

3. By the last rep, you should be looking at the ceiling. Hold with your jaw extended for 20 seconds and picture the sides of your face lifting.


Face yogo step 4 illustration

4. Repeat three times—and consider that a half hour of this daily for 30 years adds up to over seven months of your life. But hey, you still net almost two and a half years off your face.