“My two tattoos were birthday presents from my wife, Hillary. One is of the sailfish that hung in my grandfather’s mudroom my whole life. After he passed, my grandma said I could have it, but when Hillary and I moved in together, she said she would rather look at it on my arm for the rest of her life than on her wall. The other is the first five lines of Carl Sandburg’s poem ‘Chicago,’ which starts, ‘Hog Butcher for the World.’ I’d seen Jared Metzner’s work on friends. He’s an expert listener and super creative. He drew my idea on paper and got it exactly how I wanted it on the first try — better, even, than I could have imagined. And he isn’t a bad guy to talk to when you are sitting in a chair for two-plus hours.” From $50. West Town Tattoo, 1907 W. Chicago Ave.