@pritzkermemes TikTok
Photograph: @pritzkermemes

TikTok Handle: @pritzkermemes
Followers: 15,100

How he got started: In 2020, Spencer Gray (the pseudonym of a 28-year-old Bucktown resident who works in marketing) and three friends made Instagram memes with a photo of Governor J.B. Pritzker weighing in on the Humboldt Park alligator. The page moved to TikTok in December 2021.

Post that went viral: A December 2 upload garnered more than 70,000 views. The video of Pritzker opening a food container at a grammar school was labeled “Coming back home from a night out absolutely hammered and trying to make food for the boys.” Says Gray: “The funniest part of it is that we’ll put up these videos, and people in the comments will be discussing economic policy, where the video is about taking your friends to Hooters.”

Goal: To be mentioned by Pritzker in a press conference. “If that ever happens, our lives will just be made,” says Gray.