Seth Jones owes a lot to genetics — and geography. At the turn of the millennium the 6-foot-4 Texas native’s dad, NBA journeyman Popeye Jones, played for the Denver Nuggets (where he’s now an assistant coach). That was a key time for the city’s pro hockey team. Six-year-old Seth was in the stadium for Game 7, when the Colorado Avalanche clinched the Stanley Cup — and a passion was born. Two decades and countless predawn Sunday skating lessons later, Jones, 28, plays for the Blackhawks, along with younger brother Caleb. Now in his 10th NHL season (his first with Chicago), the defenseman and alternate captain just made his fifth All-Star appearance.

AirPods and a bicycle

What’s your approach to fitness?

“During the season, I don’t go over the top with the heavy lifting, because we play three, four games a week. When I’m not on the ice, I do most of my cardio on the bike. The past three or four summers, my trainer and I go to Vail the last week of August. We skate every day there, then do some hiking and biking trails, to get some high-altitude training in.”

What music do you exercise to?

“I’m a country guy, but I listen to rap when I’m working out. Eminem, Drake, Kanye, Jack Harlow.”

How do you stay fit while injured?

“I went through an ankle injury recently. I was on crutches for six weeks and couldn’t skate for 10 or 11 weeks, so that was a hard time. But I had great trainers and a great medical staff to help. We did this thing called BFR [blood flow restriction]; it’s a machine that squeezes your circulation.”

Do you play any sports for fun?

“I’ve gotten into pickleball the last few years, along with everyone else. I have a pickleball court at the house [in Dallas], so when it’s not 115 degrees in the summer, I play with Caleb. The matches get pretty intense. Paddles get thrown. You know how it is with your brothers.”