The New Kid on the Block


5653 N. Ashland Ave., Andersonville

The goods Opened in September, this is collectible tee heaven, complete with a 1996 signed Fugees option.
Nice touch Make-me-wanna-do-the-running-man music, from TLC to NSync, is piped in.
Hot finds Chicago Bulls merch swishes through often.

The In-Vogue Choice


1323 N. Milwaukee Ave., Wicker Park

The goods Fashion-forward styles borrow from ’90s hip-hop fashion, skateboarding trends, and club culture.
Nice touch Colorful graphic wall murals give Fresh Prince of Bel-Air vibes.
Hot finds Gothy-grunge finds — like silver jewelry, leather, and lace — are the new flannel.

The Faraway Nirvana

The Juncture

114 E. Jefferson St., Joliet

The goods Comfortable sweats, tees, and jeans are for kicking around, old school.
Nice touch Everything is arranged by color for easy shopping.
Hot finds Vintage university sweatshirts answer the current collegiate trend.