1. Talk Talk
Spirit of Eden

“Strangely comforting, it finds a nice spot between The Gun Club and Miles Davis.”

2. Panda Bear
Person Pitch
“Also strangely comforting. Like the blurriest oldies radio. Or sleeping with the sun in your eyes.”

3. Rolling Stones
Between the Buttons
“Revisit this old chestnut. Weird production and great pop songs. Listen to ‘Connection’ and ‘Back Street Girl.'”

4. Boubacar Traore
Je chanterai pour toi
“Soundtrack for the documentary film on this amazing guitarist and singer from Mali. Much of it recorded outdoors.”

5. Fred Buscaglione
Nel blu di Portofino
“Italian crooner music from the early fifties—romantic and sleazy. Perfecto.”

Photograph: (Rutili) Courtesy of Thrill Jockey