List Price: $2.295 million
Sale Price: $2.295 million

Some 30 years ago, a doctor and his wife commissioned an innovative young architect named Larry Booth to design a house for an oddly shaped lot near a busy intersection in Lincoln Park. “We got some quiet and some garden views by pushing the house right up against the rear property line,” Booth recalls. “That collected all the open space in the front yard. It was a way of creating that suburban indoor-outdoor lifestyle right in the middle of the city.”

The dark brick Booth used for the house and the wall around the front yard give the place a forbidding cast, but that was then part of the city dweller’s ethos—a way to scare off intruders. The living and dining rooms, as well as the four bedrooms on the second floor, all have large windows overlooking the enclosed front yard. More light enters via a big skylight at the top of the house.

In January, Raymond and Marilyn Rusnak, who had bought the house nine years ago, sold it to Gordon Gill, a partner in Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, which currently has several high-profile projects in Dubai. Gill did not respond to requests for comment. For his part, Booth said it was nice to have the house in the hands of “a very good architect.”

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Photograph: VHT