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Best New Restaurants
by Dennis Ray Wheaton and Jeff Ruby
Times may be tough, but this year’s top 22 restaurants are not backing down. They’ve embraced green as the new black, elevated organic pork to foie gras status, and made us feel downright giddy about everything from slippery soba noodles to fiery soft-shell crabs.


In the Name of the Father
by Bryan Smith
Twenty-five years after their father, a Bensenville businessman, was killed in a Mob hit, his two sons finally saw justice done in a Chicago courtroom.

Salad Days
by Karin Horgan Sullivan
These three urbanites have turned their private patches of land into thriving micro farms. Their mantra? Anyone can do it.

The Lost Boy
by Geoffrey Johnson
After 101 years, the reason why a young immigrant was shot to death in the home of Chicago’s police chief still remains a mystery.

Sun Salutations
by Stacey Jones
Summer beachwear and chunky jewelry take on a bohemian bent—and the flirty yellow polka-dot bikini is back for more big fun.


PAGE TWO Roland Burris’s staff; will the stimulus reduce traffic? ARTS & CULTURE Art, art everywhere, and young talent, too, at Art Chicago!; The Blip welcomes back belugas; inside the city’s most glamorous new landmark: the Modern Wing; a Green Mama who captains consumers; science gets sexy; Elizabeth Crane gets candid with Joe Meno; classical fans get three new reasons to rejoice. Plus: New books, and an indie up-and-comer shares his playlist. SERVICE DESK Renting a house near Lake Michigan is a great way to vacation and stay solvent. How to snag your dream cottage STYLE Six of Chicago’s most design-savvy women forecast this season’s fashion essentials. Plus: Evanston’s newest chic boutique, and blossoming May sales

Dream sandwiches; two NYC faves try their luck in Chicago; morel maniacs forage downstate Illinois; and the ten hottest restaurants in Chicago

by Kate Seamons
A new craft-cocktailing spot stirs in Pilsen. Plus: Five old-school cocktail meccas, and Tiny Lounge 2.0

by Edward McClelland
Allan Calhamer invented a timeless board game when he was a Harvard undergraduate. Then he became a postman in the western suburbs.

Deal Estate®
by Dennis Rodkin
A faux Adler in Lake Forest, a genuine Larry Booth in Lincoln Park, and condo news from across the city

The Closer
by Jeff Ruby
Servers irritate their customers, and vice versa. The Closer explores this fraught relationship—and leaves tips.

Chicago Guide®
A Byrd flies home to the Old Town School; rock ’n’ roll Czech history at the Goodman

Better than ever, Courtright’s jumps back into the game; Koda falls to one star.

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