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Best New Restaurants
by Jeff Ruby and Penny Pollack
Twenty-one spots to remember from the past year,including storefront long shots, hotel no-brainers, and—in case you hadn’t noticed—a ridiculous amount of pork


The Long Fall
by Bryan Smith
Last September, Christopher Kelly, a former aide to Governor Rod Blagojevich, took a deadly mixture of pills and poison. He blamed authorities for his descent, but the fault was likely his own.

The Coldest Case
by Jonathan Eig
History has designated Al Capone as the probable mastermind behind the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Now a new book shifts the blame to a forgotten felon intent on revenge.

by Stacey Jones
Photography by Tom Corbett

Team hypnotic prints and dizzying patterns for a fun and funky spin on the season.  




PAGE TWO Talk on the Hill: Dick vs. Chuck? ARTS & CULTURE Fresh off a showing at the Whitney Biennial, the artist Theaster Gates lands at Art Chicago’s NEXT fair; late night, “Pocket Guide”–style; the celebrated director David Cromer returns; Richard Stern’s final collection; the Chicago History Museum uncovers the captivating story of the “shy bride.” Plus: A stunning new coffee-table book celebrates midcentury modernism in Chicago. WHAT I WAS THINKING Mesirow Financial’s James Tyree on buying the Sun-Times, the beauty of bankruptcy, and the joy of new kidneys STYLE It’s springtime! How does your garden grow? Courtesy of a design-savvy family in the western suburbs, we foresee that ours will grow stylishly. Plus: The “new” Division Street, a guide

Trends alert: French macarons, Japanese pubs; putting Rick Tramanto’s cookbook to the test; the ten hottest restaurants

by Amalie Drury
A standby reemerges to regulars’ grousing; new summer patios

Top 40
by Penny Pollack
As a toast to this magazine’s 40th anniversary, we name the 40 best Chicago restaurants of all time.

by Josh Schollmeyer
Doug Glanville, the former Cubs outfielder with the Ivy League pedigree, is playing a new position: author of a thinking man’s book on baseball.

Deal Estate®
by Dennis Rodkin
The former president of Harpo Productions lists his David Adler–designed penthouse in Lincoln Park.

Outer Drive
by Jeff Ruby
Gordon Beckham, you’re a great ballplayer, but your song is lame.

Chicago Guide®
May gets frisky: men in kilts, dirty-minded Muppets, robo-dinos, and more

Fresh takes for a trio of faves: Bistro Campagne, Carlos’, and Maijean


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