‘Tête de femme à deux profils’ by Pablo Picasso

On May 13, Christie’s in New York will auction 15 pieces (worth an estimated $30 million) from the Edwin and Lindy Bergman estate, including Picasso’s 1939 painting Tête de femme à deux profils, predicted to fetch up to $7 million.

Though the Chicago couple may not be as well known as the artists they collected (Calder, Magritte, and Dalí, among others), the Bergmans helped put Chicago’s art scene on the map.

Not only were they among the founders of the Museum of Contemporary Art, but they also contributed hundreds of surrealist pieces to the Art Institute’s modern collection. Lindy Bergman died in January at 96 (her husband died in 1986).

Update 5/14: The Picasso exceeded expectations at the auction, selling for a total price just over $9 million. In fact, much of the Chicago collectors' estate sold for far more than the projected figures suggested—the Tribune has the details.