Not everyone is as prepared for disaster as these suburban preppers. How prepared are you?

A dirty bomb has exploded downtown, and Chicagoans have to evacuate immediately. Do you have a plan?

Googling counts, right?
We have practiced evacuating our home, have a go bag full of essential supplies ready, and have picked a meeting spot in case we get separated.
Yes, but if I told you, I’d have to kill you.

A massive algae bloom has poisoned the water supply. What do you do?

Crap, I forgot to refill my Brita pitcher. At least the grocery store still has one last case of Diet Mountain Dew …
I’m all set for two weeks with one gallon a day per person.
My basement is packed with 55-gallon drums full of H2O, and I’ve got a pump for purifying more.

You can’t leave your house due to super-snowmageddon. Are you hungry?

The drywall is looking pretty good right about now. Where the hell is that Domino’s delivery guy?
My cupboardful of soup and mac and cheese should do the trick.
Supersnowmageddon is a staycation for me. I’ve got 504 servings of rice, 35 cans of meat, and a case of 3,600-calorie survival bars.

A blackout has knocked out power across the Midwest. How do you function?

I might have a matchbook from a bar and some birthday candles around here somewhere.
Several flashlights, a car charger for my cell phone, and a battery-operated radio keep me connected.
I’ve got a gas-powered generator locked up in my backyard fallout shelter.

The downtrodden have risen up and started torching your neighborhood. are you secure?

I lock my front door—when I remember.
Timers turn on the lights when I’m not home, and my nosy next-door neighbor keeps a watchful eye.
Anyone who messes with me and my AR-15 better get ready for his own personal Armageddon.