Duck Duck Goat

857 W. Fulton Market
ETA: Late summer
The name is classsic Stephanie Izard (Girl & the Goat); the restaurant is not (Chinese food!).


1020 W. Madison St.
ETA: Late summer
With Sarah Grueneberg (Spiaggia) in the kitchen, this will be more than just another Italian restaurant.


951 W. Fulton Market
ETA: Late summer
Power duo Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas (Alinea, Next) add a hearth to their cooking repertoire and an avant-garde (for them) à la carte menu.

El Che Bar

845 W. Washington St.
ETA: Late summer/early fall
The first join project from longtime buds John Manion (La Sirena Clandestina) and Mark Steuer (Carriage House) will be “Latin tinged,” says Manion.

GT Prime

707 N. Wells ST.
ETA: Late 2015
The indefatigable Boka Restaurant Group (Boka, Balena, GT Fish & Oyster, Momotaro…) strikes again. This time: steak.