It’s a peculiar paradox for dancer-turned-choreographer Robyn Mineko Williams: She is very much an introvert, yet she thrives on performing. “I can be super raw and fearless onstage,” says Williams, whose choreography career has flourished since she stopped dancing at Hubbard Street in 2012.

The tension between introversion and extroversion inspired her new work at Links Hall, Under(cover), which explores whether those personality types are innate or learned. In the 45-minute piece, three dancers move through light and shadow, becoming exposed or hidden.

That dynamic also parallels Williams’s relationship with her extroverted collaborator and brother, graphic designer JT Williams, who will project home videos and abstracted images onto the walls as the dancers move around the room. The goal is to turn the black-box space into one giant kinetic block of color. “The usual reaction is to kind of cockroach away from the light,” she says. “We’re devising a piece where that’s not your only option.”

GO: Under(cover) runs May 27 to 29 at Links Hall, 3111 N. Western Ave. $25.