Marszewski at Bernice’s Tavern
Marszewski at Bernice’s Tavern in Bridgeport Photos: Petya Shalamanova

Ed Marszewski made his name with the beloved Bridgeport slashie Maria’s, but he keeps his finger in many a pie. When he’s not running an art gallery, lit mag, restaurant, or brewery, the 49-year-old, whose Marz taproom opened in February, kicks back with fashion magazines and healthful soda. Here, his favorites.

Ideal meal

A Polish sausage with “kraut-chi,” a sauerkraut-kimchi mash-up. My dad’s Polish and my mom’s Korean.

Fashion staple

Thorogood soft-toe work boots.

One-stop boutique

Retailer Luke Cho’s Mildblend Supply Co. carries unexpected brands. Plus, he’ll hem your pants on the spot.

Statement pieces

My tortoise Ray-Ban Wayfarers and Level Eater hoodies, designed for our pop-up art show celebrating Dungeons & Dragons.

Best local eatery

Publican butcher shop. I get the Tom’s Silver Medal.

Go-to bookstore

Quimby’s for fashion and design mags, comics, and titles on food and beverages.

Last splurge

Hiring Charlie Vinz to design our house in Bridgeport. It’s minimal, with accents of reused materials from the building.

Bedtime reading

Natalie Y. Moore’s The South Side: A Portrait of Chicago and American Segregation.

Prized collection

Artwork by Cody Hudson, Juan Angel Chávez, and Adi Goodrich.

Wellness essential

Shrub Soda. It’s apple cider vinegar, blackberry purée, sage, and rooibos tea wort.

Bulldog moisturizer

Bulldog moisturizer

“I’m a primitive dude. I use this after I shave, and that’s it.”
$9, Whole Foods


Quiet Life button-down

Quiet Life button-down

“From Penelope’s, my favorite for sleek, contemporary styles.”
$85, 1913 W. Division St.


Coffeemaker No. 3

Coffeemaker No. 3 by local designer Craighton Berman

“I love drinking from his beautifully designed vessels.”