A child's chair
Photo: Ryan Segedi

When you’re a startup founder married to a startup founder, it can be hard to find family time. “It’s definitely not a path that I’d recommend,” says Monica Royer, CEO of the organic children’s clothing company Monica + Andy. (Andy would be Andy Dunn, Monica’s brother, who happens to be the brains behind the menswear darling Bonobos.) But the opportunity for creative fusion is everywhere, and it was officially realized when Royer joined forces this winter with her husband, Rob, who heads the custom furniture brand Interior Define. The collab resulted in an elevated line of children’s furniture: mini models of Interior Define’s boxy chairs, couches, and sectionals outfitted in Monica + Andy’s überhip prints. Lest anyone say that the items are more adult than child (and seriously, what kid needs a sectional?), the Royers have a hidden helper: their 8-year-old daughter, Bella, who gave feedback on the designs. After school, she likes to hang out on her favorite chair, the peace print one (pictured, $500), in Monica’s office — wearing her matching Monica + Andy outfit, naturally.