Headshot: Lisa Predko
Illustration: John Kenzie

So it looks like we’re going to be indoors for a while. How do I make my stash last as long as possible?

Rolling joints and blunts will gobble up your grams. You can get just as stoned smoking a fraction of that weed with a pipe. If you’ve got a vape pen with adjustable voltage, keep it under three volts to take smaller hits. And think of edibles as a garnish, rather than a snack or a meal: Crumble infused Cheetos on top of nachos, or sprinkle weed chocolate on ice cream.

It might also be time for a tolerance break. If you smoke a few times a week or more, your brain’s cannabinoid receptors will become desensitized and require escalating amounts of THC to feel the same high. A “t-break” of even just two weeks will reset the receptors, allowing you to touch the sky after one hit.

When all else fails, recycle. That thick black resin that builds up in pipes with each session? Scrape it off, put it back in the pipe, and light it up. It’s not ideal, but it does the job.

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