Datrianna Meeks
Datrianna Meeks Photograph: Lisa Predko

Are there any new ways of getting a medical card?

It’s easier than ever, mostly because the list of medical conditions accepted by the state has grown to include more common ailments like chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, and migraines. And you no longer have to visit a doctor’s office. I know people who got a card through the telemedicine service Veriheal; the $199 online appointment took about 15 minutes, and a provisional license came within 24 hours. My, how times have changed.

Why bother when recreational use is legal? More products are available to cardholders, and the cannabis comes cheaper. An eighth of an ounce runs about $60 with a card and $75 without. Keep in mind the additional costs — for the medical consultation and the state fee ($100 a year or $250 for three years). But if you smoke an eighth a week, you’ll still save close to $500 your first year.

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