I’ve always been willing to travel for retail therapy, and I knew I’d found a new fix when I stumbled upon the Instagram feed of Blue Pear Mercantile: a satisfying scroll of botanical posters, French soaps, handmade jewelry, geodes, and feathers of all varieties. GPS indicated that its location on the historic square of northwest Indiana’s Crown Point (106 W. Clark St.) was less than an hour from Chicago. Sold.

When I moseyed in (and “mosey” aptly describes my slow saunter when entering a shopping wonderland), owner Robert Radzinski was testing perfumes. We got to chatting, and he enthusiastically told me about the elaborate Marie Antoinette–themed window display he was planning for the holidays. I made a mental note: Step it up, Macy’s.

After leaving with four air plants and some artisan-designed playing cards, I realized Crown Point had more to offer. Antique Vault & Records (14 Courthouse Sq.) is a dungeon-like space where a Hanson poster was just the invitation I needed to browse. Across the street, Blue Ribbon Vintage (111 W. Joliet St.) promised a maze of disco shirts, melamine kitchenware, and the occasional cowbell.

I was charmed. And when the Hunt & Gather Market hits the Lake County Fairgrounds here May 12–13 to amass the wares of local makers, I will most definitely be back.