One upside to the White Sox’s dismal start to the season: You can have your pick of seats. For cheap. And while Guaranteed Rate Field will never get the love Wrigley does, it’s still an enjoyable place to watch a Major League Baseball game. As long as you can stomach seeing the home team lose.

So where should you sit? We offer these three (highly specific) suggestions.

Section 130, row 26, seat 13
You’re behind home plate but a bit to the right. That gives you a nice angle to watch each pitch and puts you in an ideal spot for foul balls off right-handed batters, especially ones that carom off the front of the deck above. Row 26 is key: Anything lower will cost you more.

Section 533, row 7, seat 1 (above)
High up and directly behind home, this is where to sit when, an hour before first pitch, you decide it’s a perfect night for baseball. For as little as $10 (row 7 and above), you get the most expansive view, where you can watch how every fielder has a job to do on each pitch.

Section 161, row 10
Left field, 10 rows back — this is home run territory. It’s also where you’ll find fans of all kinds, from die-hards to youth baseball league families. Yes, you will bake in the sun during afternoon games, but the old Comiskey Park shower is right behind you, on the concourse.