Beach Bunny bassist Anthony Vaccaro, a.k.a. Helicopter Leaves
Photograph: Alec Basse

Shanghai Inn

“This old-school Chinese restaurant was my grandmother’s favorite. My family makes a point to get together here on her birthday. My go-to order is the Sichuan tofu.” 4723 N. Damen Ave.

Western Brown Line Stop

“It contains a piece of the Berlin Wall. The East German side is clean and the West German is all graffitied. I love this connection to the neighborhood’s German roots.” 4648 N. Western Ave.

Laurie’s Planet of Sound

“When my nonmusician friends say, ‘Let’s hang out,’ I suggest walking here to look for vinyl. They have a great collection.” 4639 N. Lincoln Ave.

Side Practice Coffee

“This little place across from Amundsen High School does specialty coffee really well. I’ve been to coffee shops all over the world, and this is exactly what you want out of one. It’s a place where the people really care.” 5139 N. Damen Ave.