Andrew Zimmerman and Lindsey Boland

Boland owns Habit (1951 W. Division St.; 773-342-0093), a boutique that features independent fashion designers, including her own line, Superficial. A chef who formerly teamed with Terry Alexander at Mod, Zimmerman offers modern interpretations of Spanish tapas at the Wicker Park hot spot Del Toro (1520 N. Damen Ave.; 773-252-1500). Both 30-somethings work within walking distance of their apartment, which embodies their vintage-inspired style-a function of budget, they say, as much as taste.


MAD ABOUT THEIR COLLECTIONS: Zimmerman collects medicine and soda bottles that are either vintage or odd-or both. “The old ones have goofy things on them that amuse me, if nobody else,” he says: “‘Chief Wahoo’s Electric Tonic’; ‘The Mother’s Friend.’ Thums Up is an Indian cola-I bought it on Devon.” (1)

Boland’s collection of vintage patterns, (2) which number in the hundreds, clearly influence her own touch-of-nostalgia clothing line, Superficial. (3) “The ones I like best are from the sixties and seventies-the illustrations are so groovy. They inspire me-I’ll redesign them right on the pattern.”


THE BEAUTY PRODUCT THEY SHARE: Murray’s Hair Dressing Pomade. Says Boland: “Both of our hairstyles have a tendency to be kind of fluffy without product.” Adds Zimmerman: “It’s also really cheap.”

LAST PURCHASES THEY MADE: “We’ve been spending a lot of money in Barneys Co-op (2209-11 N. Halsted St.) recently on jeans,” says Boland. “I like Citizens of Humanity. They’re not flashy. They don’t have goofy washes on them. I like a nice dark wash that’s not preworn or shredded.” For his part, Zimmerman wears Earnest Sewn. “Before we lived in Chicago, I never wore jeans,” he says. “I think I’m not as uptight as I used to be.”


WHAT HE’S TROLLING eBAY TO BUY: An authentic Edward Gorey print-“a nice one, and signed”-to complement his collection of books by the illustrator. He also has a diorama of Gorey images that Boland made for him when they first started dating. “This is how I made him fall in love with me,” she says.

HOME KITCHEN STAPLE: A sharp knife. “I use Misono UX10s from Japan,” says Zimmerman. (4) “They’re balanced really well, and the blend of metal [used for] the blades is the best of both worlds in terms of ease of sharpening and how long it will hold its edge.”


THE PERFECT DAY OFF: “We go out to eat, because the last thing I want to do is cook,” says Zimmerman. Favorites include Sticky Rice (4018 N. Western Ave.), for what the couple calls “good Thai food that’s affordable,” and Fonda del Mar (3749 W. Fullerton Ave.). Says Boland: “It’s a Mexican restaurant started by these guys from Mia Francesca. It’s got this great little outdoor patio and really good food, like Topolobampo, but for a lot less.”


A MUTUAL COLOR PALETTE: Boland likes jewel tones. “Eggplant and olive and chocolate-I’m really into muted, rich colors, like the burnt orange on my Tulina bag.” (5) Explains Zimmerman: “We only like colors that relate directly to food.”

photography: Katrina Wittkamp