Any burger geek—and we admit we are—would salivate over the promise of two new burger projects by People Who Get It. One of those People is Eddie Lakin. A former line cook at Tru, Lakin grinds his own beef, char-grills and griddles burgers, dips his own milk shakes, and double-cooks his hand-cut french fries in his throwback joint. “I want Edzo’s [slated for early October] to have a well-worn, it’s-been-there-for-20-years kind of look,” says Lakin. The other concept, DMK Burger Bar, comes from Michael Kornick (MK) and David Morton (Pompei), Evanston neighbors drawn together by their love of a good burger. The 50-seat spot, opening in late October, will feature Tallgrass beef, artisan cheese, and what Kornick calls “an adult ambiance.” Whatever that means, we’re all over it. Edzo’s Burger Shop, 1571 Sherman Ave., Evanston, 847-864-3396; DMK Burger Bar, 2954 N. Sheffield Ave.