1. Space Minds, New Worlds, Survival Of America by the violinist Leroy Jenkins: “A more contemporary classical approach—something I’m trying to achieve in Vox Arcana.”

2. The trumpeter/cornetist Bobby Bradford performing Nov. 6th as part of the Umbrella Music Festival: “I first heard him about ten years ago, extremely intense and creative.”

3. African Classics by the Malian bluesman Boubacar Traoré: “His style blends blues, Arab music, and composition structures from West Africa. He reflects the history of an entire country in his sorrowful tone.”

4. Why Not?, a 1966 quartet release by the saxophonist Marion Brown: “The compositions are exceptional—at times pastoral and at other times intense.”

5. The Viola in My Life, Marek Konstantynowicz and the Norwegian Radio Orchestra: “When you have a composer breaking away from one style into uncharted territory, that’s very inspiring.”