What’s breakfast without a steaming cup of joe? Jet-black, swirled with foam, and syrupy sweet: We sipped it all, and we’ve got opinions. For unadulterated java, we dig Bite Cafe, Lula Cafe, and Jam, where customized blends from beloved local beaneries Intelligentsia, Metropolis, and Dark Matter anchor the menus. Tasty out-of-town beans are cropping up too: The Bristol scores big with Philly-based La Colombe, and we’re thrilled that Milwaukee’s mighty Alterra made the menu at West Town’s Bleeding Heart Bakery & Café. (The lattes are also spot-on, but BH can keep those cloying specialty drinks.) The most palatable fruity brew comes from the River West outpost of Orange, whose citrus-tinged drip coffee remains unrivaled. When we seek sophistication with our caffeination, it’s the nifty French press cardboard cup at Bodega N. 5 or the sleek hourglass-shaped Chemex carafe at Nightwood. But for our money, Ipsento’s namesake latte—a steaming mélange of espresso, milk, coconut milk, honey, and cayenne—is the most buzzworthy concoction around (2035 N. Western Ave.; 773-904-8177).