The Queen of Hearts from ‘Lookingglass Alice’
Photo: Jeff Sciortino

Nearly a decade ago, Lookingglass Theatre premiered David Catlin’s adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This month, the company resurrects the production and, with it, the magnificent Red Queen’s formidable couture.

1. The collar

Known as a whisk, this outsize Shakespearean ruff is made with millinery wire and can be snapped on and off.

2. The bodice

Early versions had real playing cards, but those proved less than durable. Now the sturdy cotton lining is covered with vinyl strips custom-printed with the suit of hearts.

3. The skirt

The pannier—an undergarment popular in the 17th century—is made from flexible, lightweight steel. It bounces as actress Molly Brennan (pictured) hops around the stage during a vicious game of croquet.

4. The stilts

Brennan, who has extensive circus training, stands on two jumping stilts for much of the show. With them she’s seven feet tall.

GO Lookingglass Alice runs November 25 to February 15 at Lookingglass Theatre, 821 N. Michigan.