The 30,000-square-foot Middle Eastern–inspired mansion-cum-white-elephant in Burr Ridge is back on the market with a new name (the Palace Royale) and price tag ($10.95 million). A timeline shows how it got there.

  • 2005Husam Aldairi, a dentist, buys a plot on the busy corner of Plainfield and County Line Roads to build his dream home: eight bedrooms, a 20-car garage, a 2,500-square-foot master bathroom, and a (somehow smaller) 2,400-square-foot ballroom.
  • 2009With the gaudy fortress almost done, Aldairi’s plans are derailed by a judgment against his clinic in a sexual harassment lawsuit. He lists the mansion for $25 million.
  • 2010Aldairi reduces the price to $13 million.
  • 2011Burst pipes flood the house with six million gallons of water—the equivalent of nine Olympic-size swimming pools.
  • 2012Aldairi’s bank forecloses on the property. Later that year, investor Arvin Lourdenadin buys Villa Taj for $3.1 million—an eighth of its original list price—as a turnaround.
  • 2015A real estate agent finds a Lombard man, with a gullible woman in the hot tub, squatting in the home. At least someone finally lived there.

See more photos of the luxurious mansion below.