Photos: Courtesy of Ashley Crowe

The magic wand

“Use disposable mascara spoolies to clean under nails.”

Mess prevention

“Liquid Palisade, a paint-on barrier, protects cuticles from mishaps. Apply before polish and peel off when your nails have dried.”

No-stress press

“For people who have trouble applying polish with both hands, press-on nails are the best solution. You can shape and paint them before you glue them on.”

Stickers add easy details

“Sally Hansen has a line of polish strips that have really cool designs like marble, fishnet, and ombré. You can cut them into shapes and layer them.”

Pin those spots

“Instead of a dotting tool, use a hairpin. You can stick it into an eraser for easier hold, then dip the rounded head in paint to create polka dots.”