Photo: Ryan Segedi

Eighty-two hungry guests, dressed all in white, ventured to a private home in Michigan City, Indiana, one evening in August. They were there, as they later chanted in unison, “to eat art.” The occasion: a feast by Eye Eaters, a self-described “not-so-secret society” that commissions Chicago chefs for one-off, ticketed, themed dinners. Most are held at restaurants, but this fete unfolded at a modernist glass box known as the Frost House. Fittingly, the backyard meal by Split-Rail chef Zoe Schor was a throwback to the ’60s, when meatloaf and martinis were de rigueur. Those classics were on her menu, along with Swedish meatballs and wedge salad. As the sun set on the Palm Springs–meets–Hamptons party, guests were treated to alcoholic Jell-O bites, performances by drag queens, and photo ops with a mermaid in the pool. Artist and Eye Eaters founder Paul Octavious summed up the madness best: “This is most bizarre, in the most beautiful way.” Events are sporadic and range from $25 to $150.