Carpool Karaoke
Photo: Courtesy of Big G Creative

If a visit to the toy store can make a child’s day, then the huge Chicago Toy & Game Fair might make their whole year. On November 23 and 24 at Navy Pier, attendees ($14 in advance; $7 for children under 14) can pick up new creations before they hit the shelves for the holidays. We asked Meredith Sinclair, a self-proclaimed “play expert” and contributor to the Today show, about the three most anticipated items you will find there.

Lux Blox by Lux

“They like to call it ‘next-level Lego.’ They’re super cool because they’re bendable. With Lego sets, you’re building one particular thing and that’s what that kit is meant for, but these are open-ended. They enable you to create 3D configurations, to the point where they almost start looking like sculpture.” From $30

Toilet Paper Blasters: Sheet Storm by Jakks Pacific

“So this is wild — it takes a regular roll of toilet paper and transforms it into clean spitballs that you can rapid-fire. I think it’s going to be a really fun blaster toy. Plus, it’s a new way to use something we have around the house.” $40

Carpool Karaoke Game by Big G Creative

“That whole series with James Corden was huge because everybody loves to sing in the car. This will be one of those games that parents aren’t going to mind playing with their children. And with a connection to streaming apps, you can make it appeal to whatever age group is playing.” $20