Nikki Stanton
Photo: ISI Photos, Dan Bartel

“My feet are not very cute, even though I have size 7 baby feet. I trimmed my toenails before a game I did well in five years ago, and I am superstitious, so I still cut them before every game. When you have three games in a week, it’s annoying. But twice a month I have them done professionally. I’m obsessed with West Loop Nail & Spa. Vanessa, the owner, usually does my toes, and she knows to cut them as short as they will go and not to use pumice on my calluses, which I need. It takes me 15 minutes to choose a color, and I’ll do anything but green, which I think looks like fungus. The massage chair is the best — just sitting back and watching the Kardashians. But what totally sold me on the salon was their dog. I always look forward to playing with their Maltipoo, Latte.” From $32. 212 N. Halsted St.