Illustration by Sarah Becan
Rye Illustration: Sarah Becan


…cries out for butter and a griddle. “Brush butter on thick slices and pan-sear them, then top with turkey, mixed greens, pickled onion, and fresh tomatoes — use sun-dried if it’s not tomato season.”

Whole Wheat

…is the go-to for PB&J. “Start with a thick slather of peanut butter. I use HomePlate, which comes in honey, chunky, and creamy. For the jelly, I love Froehlich’s chutneys out of Three Oaks, Michigan.”


…loves sharp cheese. “Make an open-faced sandwich with a slab of European butter, cucumber, and red pepper with a thin slice of cheese like Swiss or Gruyère.”

Ancient Grain

…likes a Mediterranean treatment. “Go baba ghanoush–style with roasted eggplant, canned fire-roasted tomatoes, diced onion, and finely chopped cilantro.”

Pepperidge Farm

…is for when you’re feeling like a kid again. “I like the thin whole wheat  slices  for grilled cheese. It's the bread I ate as a kid, and I just want that comfort sometimes.”