What Goes Up-and Why, by Dennis Rodkin
A close look at 12 recent real estate transactions suggests why some homes do better than others when they are put up for sale. Plus, our annual survey of house prices in more than 270 Chicago neighborhoods and suburbs.

Anatomy of a Crash, by Steve Rhodes
A chilling series of small mistakes led to the midair collision that took the life of the radio personality Bob Collins and two others almost four years ago. Today, several lawsuits are arguing that the tragedy signals a much larger problem with aviation.

Visible Man, by Mara Tapp
The Chicago artist Kerry James Marshall is going full tilt to get ready for his show at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Among his inspirations: African civilizations and housing projects, Titian and Barbie

Guarding History, by Gale Kappe
For more than 80 years, the Oriental Institute has been collecting and protecting some of antiquity’s greatest treasures-a mission heightened by recent events in Iraq.

At Home: Out of the Box, by Christine Newman
Architect John Vinci insists that the modern house he designed for a couple in Kenwood is fundamentally Victorian. And he says he’s not kidding.





Comedian Danny Pudi; a chat with playwright Edward Albee; hot book author Audrey Niffenegger; fun fall fashion; a new dimension for antiques; Glamorama; more

Style Sheet, by Stacy Wallace-Albert
For high-voltage power in a bright-light color, try big orange-it’s showing its stuff in handbags, china, and linens.

Real Lives | Many Ribs Later, by Marcia Froelke Coburn
Chef Jackie Shen’s learning curve is taking yet another upswing at the Pan-Asian Red Light. Her latest creative kicks are hot and spicy.

How We Spend | Fashion Cents, by Clare La Plante
Chicago ranks fourth in the nation in household spending on apparel. Our extremes of weather help explain the hefty clothing budgets. But dressing stylishly also plays a role.

Reporter | Behind Her Smile, by Jennifer Tanaka
After climbing through the ranks at Time magazine, Julie Grace fell into trouble. In May she was found dead. Now her friends are asking how they could have saved her.

Sports | Sweet Spot, by David Murray
Run by a quirky family in Ottawa, Pine Hills Golf Club offers smooth greens and a taste of golf as it once was. But the future looks rough for this nine-hole course.

Deal Estate, by Dennis Rodkin
William Wrigley Jr. spends a total of $20 million for two homes and tops our annual list of the area’s most expensive home buys. Plus blueblood prices for blue-collar Bridgeport

Nightspotting, by Sarah Preston
Restauranteur Jerry Kleiner creates a scene with his White party. And we visit The Pepper Cannister, an authentic Irish pub refreshingly free of cliché.

The Closer, by Jeff Ruby
The city’s “One Book, One Chicago” program has picked one well-meaning tome after another. Here’s what might happen if they stopped playing it so safe.

On the Town


Prime Time,
During October: Lizards and spiders and snakes, oh, my! Time once again for the North American Reptile Breeders Trade Show, with scaly but sometimes soft and cuddly critters, out south in Tinley Park.

Food & Drink

Dining Out | How the West Is Won, by Dennis Ray Wheaton
Two new west suburban spots-both run by savvy veterans-offer equal parts coziness and urbane cooking.

On Wine, by Dennis Ray Wheaton
Demystifying German Rieslings, the most underrated wines in the world

The city’s definitive guide| This month: Three new listings, including Biggs and Menagerie

Short Takes,
Discovery| Cafe Dai Noi’s shareable Vietnamese bounty
Budget Beat| Andersonville’s Corner Grille is exactly what it sounds like.
Sushi| Suburban offshoot of a Randolph Street star
Street Beat| Beers and the foods that love them
Gourmet Takeout| Cooking Fools has Wicker Parkers eating at home again.