Here’s a way to up the ante on the local condo craze: hire Chicago decorator (and Oprah sidekick) Nate Berkus as a partner. That’s what the developers, Jab Partners, did for Roscoe Flats, an 18-unit building opening this fall at 3028 West Roscoe Street (for more information, go to Berkus says he envisioned a space where young professionals could throw a fun cocktail party-or curl up with a book. “You don’t have to live on Michigan Avenue to live beautifully,” says Berkus, who designed the model pictured below.

(1) Berkus, a longtime fan of Doug Fogelson, used the local photographer’s work throughout. This photo is titled Muku. At 

(2) This Versailles chest was originally gold, but Berkus opted for a black paint job. “The gold seemed too sweet, too precious.” Online at Mecox Gardens,

(3) “It’s always great to have something that looks like it was pulled out of the sea-or off the back of a pickup truck,” says Berkus of the rugged Luke cocktail table, by Oly Studio, in teak with an iron base. At Jayson Home & Garden, 1885 N. Clybourn Ave.

(4) Berkus used Flor’s removable squares so that any damaged panels can easily be replaced. At InterfaceFlor, 116 N. York Rd., Suite 300, Elmhurst;

(5) Finding inspiration in the antique French look, Berkus chose this Claire side chair, by Oly. At Jayson Home & Garden 

(6) “I wanted people to walk in and realize there’s not only a lot of space, but it could be multipurpose,” says Berkus of the decision to center the Molly dining table in the great room. At Jayson Home & Garden 

(7) A freestanding refrigerator from Viking’s new line.

(8) Berkus liked this bold, hand-hammered Cooper drum lamp because it takes your eye to the center of the room. At Jayson Home & Garden

Photography: Nathan Kirkman, Berkus courtesy of the designer