What’s your deal with Halloween?

Some adults outgrow it. I have decided that I will not. One year I did group Beetlejuice costumes, including a Sandworm that my husband wore. Then, four and a half years ago, we bought a house at Foster and Western, so my enthusiasm transferred to decorations. I sculpted a giant skeleton coming over the roof.

What’s your plan for this year?

I’m making a horde of zombies crawling up the house. To make the casts, I get friends to let me wrap them in plastic, then I use duct tape to wrap them mummy-style. I’ll fill the duct tape armatures with packing material, dress them in dirty clothes, and use wigs and hats to finish them.

What does your husband think?

He’d much rather I decorate than do costumes. The Sandworm was really uncomfortable.

Kevin Byrne
Photo: Courtesy of Kevin Byrne