If you’ve noticed that a certain loopy, line-drawn breast motif has become as boob-iquitous as color-coded bookshelves to the millennial aesthetic, you’re onto something: The last few years have seen a noticeable lift in busty fashion and decor. Here in Chicago, it’s a trend that dates back to 2015, the year of Dallas Maynard’s boob ring. “When I first made it, I just thought it was cute,” recalls the local jewelry designer. “Who doesn’t love boobs?” The ring, a solid gold bosom-shaped band studded with sparkling gemstone “nipples” (including ruby, emerald, sapphire, and citrine), was picked up by Chicago retailer Asrai Garden. “When they shared it on social media, it literally broke their Instagram,” says Maynard. Six years later, the concept has evolved into a jewelry collection and a serious symbol of empowerment that resonates with breast cancer patients and survivors, feminists, body positivity activists, nursing mothers, and boob-o-philes alike. From $260. dallasmaynard.com