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Neurology & Other Medicine
Addiction Medicine

Leonard M. Spishakoff

Romeoville office. 630-226-9303

Child Neurology

Saba Ahmad

Epilepsy and seizure disorders. UI Health. 312-996-7416

Steven Coker

Epilepsy and seizure disorders. Northwestern Central DuPage. 630-933-4258

Robert T. Egel

Epilepsy; migraine. Advocate Christ. 630-230-3372

Leon G. Epstein

Migraine. Lurie. 312-227-3550

Peter T. Heydemann

Muscular dystrophy; epilepsy; Tourette’s syndrome. Rush. 312-942-3034

Nancy L. Kuntz

Neuromuscular disorders. Lurie. 312-227-3550

Carol Macmillan

Autism spectrum disorders; developmental delay; epilepsy; neurogenetics. UChicago Comer. 773-702-6169

Charles J. Marcuccilli

Epilepsy and seizure disorders. Rush Children’s. 312-942-3034

Sunila E. O’Connor

Epilepsy. Lurie. 312-227-3540

Nishant S. Shah

Brain tumors; epilepsy; Tourette’s syndrome; ADD/ADHD. Advocate Children’s Park Ridge. 847-318-9330

Priti Singh

Advocate Children’s Oak Lawn. 630-230-3372

Priyamvada Tatachar

Epilepsy. Lurie. 312-227-3540

James Tonsgard

Neurofibromatosis; tuberous sclerosis. UChicago Comer. 773-702-6169

Geriatric Medicine

Victoria L. Braund

Alzheimer’s disease; geriatric functional assessment; palliative care. NorthShore Glenbrook. 847-503-2222

Martin J. Gorbien

Dementia; Alzheimer’s disease; geriatric functional assessment. Hines. 708-202-8387

Stacie Levine

Palliative care; pain management; dementia. UChicago. 773-702-8840

June M. McKoy

Geriatric functional assessment; cognitive loss in aging. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-4525

Anthony J. Perry

Memory disorders. Rush. 312-942-7030

Viswanatham Susarla

Alzheimer’s disease; dementia. Ascension St. Joseph Elgin. 847-741-0026

Neurological Surgery

Juan Alzate

Spinal surgery. Advocate Condell. 847-362-1848

Bradley Bagan

Spinal surgery. Advocate Condell. 847-362-1848

Julian E. Bailes Jr.

Brain tumors; cerebrovascular disease; brain injury. NorthShore Evanston. 847-570-1440

Joshua Billingsley

Advocate Lutheran. 844-376-3876

George K. Bovis

Aneurysm; arteriovenous malformations; brain tumors; stereotactic radiosurgery. Ascension Alexian. 847-981-3630

Robin M. Bowman

Pediatric neurosurgery; spina bifida. Lurie. 312-227-4220

Richard W. Byrne

Epilepsy; skull base tumors and surgery; pituitary tumors. Rush. 312-942-6644

James P. Chandler

Skull base surgery; neuro-oncology; brain tumors; gliomas. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-8143

Fady T. Charbel

Cerebral aneurysm; moyamoya disease; skull base tumors and surgery; acoustic neuroma and schwannoma. UI Health. 312-355-0510

Jonathan S. Citow

Complex spinal surgery; minimally invasive spinal surgery; hydrocephalus; trigeminal neuralgia. Advocate Condell. 847-362-1848

Arthur J. DiPatri Jr.

Pediatric neurosurgery; brain tumors. Lurie. 312-227-4220

Egon M. Doppenberg

Brain and spinal tumors; stereotactic radiosurgery; complex spinal surgery. Advocate Lutheran. 844-376-3876

Mina Foroohar

Spinal surgery; brain and spinal tumors; spinal stenosis. Northwest Community. 847-398-9100

Amy B. Heimberger

Brain tumors; gliomas. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-8143

Dean G. Karahalios

Brain and spinal tumors; stereotactic radiosurgery; complex spinal surgery; minimally invasive spinal surgery. Advocate Lutheran. 844-376-3876

Sandi K. Lam

Pediatric neurosurgery; epilepsy; craniofacial surgery; cerebrovascular neurosurgery. Lurie. 312-227-4220

Demetrius Lopes

Cerebrovascular surgery; cerebral aneurysm; carotid artery surgery; stroke. Advocate Lutheran. 847-723-2078

Lorenzo F. Munoz

Cerebral aneurysm; brain tumors; Chiari malformations; pediatric neurosurgery. Rush. 312-942-6644

Sergey Neckrysh

Skull base tumors and surgery; spinal surgery; minimally invasive surgery. UI Health. 312-355-0510

Dimitrios C. Nikas

Brain and spinal cord tumors; pediatric neurosurgery; craniofacial surgery; congenital anomalies. Advocate Children’s Oak Lawn. 708-684-1013

Russ P. Nockels

Complex spinal surgery; spinal deformity; spinal cord tumors; spinal tumors. Loyola. 708-216-0005

John E. O’Toole

Minimally invasive spinal surgery; spinal tumors. Rush. 312-942-6644

Kanu Panchal

Ascension St. Alexius. 815-344-0175

Vikram Prabhu

Brain tumors; pituitary tumors; skull base tumors; meningioma. Loyola. 708-216-5877

Szymon Sami Rosenblatt

Skull base tumors and surgery; cerebrovascular surgery; brain tumors; spinal cord disorders. Ascension Alexian. 847-981-3630

Joshua M. Rosenow

Movement disorders; trigeminal neuralgia; epilepsy. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-8143

Matthew J. Ross

Brain tumors; spinal tumors; spinal surgery. Northwestern Central DuPage. 630-393-2222

John R. Ruge

Brain and spinal tumors; pediatric neurosurgery; hydrocephalus; Chiari malformations. Advocate Children’s Park Ridge. 847-723-9052

Sepehr B. Sani

Deep brain stimulation. Rush. 312-942-6644

Tadanori Tomita

Pediatric neurosurgery; pediatric brain tumors; hydrocephalus; neuro-oncology. Lurie. 312-227-4220

Vincent C. Traynelis

Cervical spinal surgery; complex spinal surgery; spinal deformity; spinal disk replacement. Rush. 312-942-6644

Dennis Yung Kuang Wen

Ascension St. Joseph Elgin. 847-695-6611

Antonio C. Yuk

Northwestern McHenry. 815-356-5577


Sabra M. Abbott

Sleep disorders. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-7950

Neil Allen

Dizziness and vertigo; multiple sclerosis. NorthShore Highland Park. 847-509-0270

Hrayr Attarian

Sleep disorders; sleep apnea; restless legs syndrome; epilepsy. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-7950

Antoaneta J. Balabanov

Epilepsy and seizure disorders. Rush. 312-942-5936

Ketogenic diets — high in fat and low in carbs, with adequate protein — have been used to help children who have epilepsy. The Rush doctor’s research shows those diets are also effective for reducing seizure frequency and severity in adults with epilepsy, improving their quality of life.

Roumen D. Balabanov

Multiple sclerosis. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-7950

Lawrence P. Bernstein

Epilepsy; neurophysiology; sleep disorders. Rush. 312-942-5939

Richard A. Bernstein

Stroke and cerebrovascular disease; arteriovenous malformations; aneurysm; vascular neurology. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-7950

Amar B. Bhatt

Epilepsy and seizure disorders; clinical neurophysiology. Rush. 312-942-4500

Jose Biller

Vascular neurology; stroke in children; aneurysm. Loyola. 888-584-7888

James R. Brorson

Vascular neurology; cerebrovascular disease; stroke. UChicago. 773-702-6222

Thomas Burnstine

Sleep disorders; epilepsy. Advocate Condell. 847-816-0500

Michael Carrithers

Multiple sclerosis; neuroimmunology. UI Health. 312-355-0510

Researchers led by the UI Health doctor found biomarkers, including DNA modifications caused by environmental exposures, that may help diagnose multiple sclerosis and long COVID-19 in African American and Hispanic patients. He aims to learn why these minority groups face a higher risk for the most severe and disabling effects of these diseases.

James S. Castle

Stroke; cerebrovascular disease. NorthShore Skokie. 847-570-2570

Michael Chen

Cerebrovascular disease; aneurysm; stroke; vascular neurology. Rush. 312-942-6644

Bruce A. Cohen

Multiple sclerosis. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-7950

Lenny Cohen

Neuromuscular disorders. Rush Oak Park. 708-660-6900

Yvonne M. Curran

Vascular neurology; movement disorders; stroke. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-7950

Lloyd S. Davis

Headache. NorthShore Glenbrook. 847-570-2570

Andrew K. Dorsch

Brain injury; concussion; neurorehabilitation. Rush. 312-942-4500

Thomas Freedom

Headache; sleep disorders. NorthShore Glenbrook. 847-570-2570

Darren R. Gitelman

Alzheimer’s disease; memory disorders; dementia; behavioral neurology. Advocate Lutheran. 847-720-6464

Christopher G. Goetz

Movement disorders; Parkinson’s disease; dystonia; Huntington’s disease. Rush. 312-563-2900

Surendra Gulati

Ascension St. Joseph Joliet. 815-741-3942

Timothy C. Hain

Neurotology; balance disorders; motion sickness; Ménière’s disease. Northwestern Memorial. 312-274-0197

Zulma Hernandez-Peraza

Multiple sclerosis. UI Health. 312-355-0510

Sam U. Ho

Headache; Parkinson’s disease; dizziness and vertigo. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-7950

Kenneth W. Holmes

Electromyography (EMG); electroencephalography (EEG); nerve conduction studies; nerve injuries. 708-799-6799

Arthur Itkin

Alzheimer’s disease; dementia. Advocate Christ. 708-485-4663

Adil Javed

Multiple sclerosis; neuromuscular disorders; neurological complications of HIV and infections. UChicago. 773-702-6222

Ninith Kartha

Movement disorders; dementia. NorthShore Evanston. 847-570-2570

Thomas J. Kelly

Movement disorders; Parkinson’s disease; spinal disorders; headache. UChicago. 773-702-6222

Igor J. Koralnik

Neurological infections; neurological complications of HIV and infections; Lyme disease; post-COVID-19 neurological syndrome. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-7950

Richard Kraig

Headache; migraine. UChicago. 773-702-6222

Rimas V. Lukas

Neuro-oncology. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-4360

Donald H. Lussky

Myasthenia gravis. Elmhurst. 331-221-9095

James A. Mastrianni

Memory disorders; Alzheimer’s disease; prion diseases. UChicago. 773-702-6222

Onur Melen

Neuro-ophthalmology; movement disorders. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-7950

Marek Marsel Mesulam

Dementia; Alzheimer’s disease; epilepsy; memory disorders. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-9627

Timothy J. Mikesell

Vascular neurology. Advocate Lutheran. 847-723-2210

Danny S. Park

Clinical neurophysiology. Swedish. 773-271-2225

Deric M. Park

Neuro-oncology; brain tumors; spinal tumors. UChicago. 773-702-6222

Grazyna Piekos

Clinical neurophysiology; neuromuscular disorders. 708-681-7630

Shyam Prabhakaran

Vascular neurology; stroke; neuroimaging. UChicago. 773-702-6222

Jeffrey J. Raizer

Brain tumors; neuro-oncology. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-4360

David P. Randall

Neuromuscular disorders; clinical neurophysiology. Advocate Lutheran. 847-723-4088

Anthony T. Reder

Multiple sclerosis; tetanus; neuromyelitis optica (Devic’s disease); trigeminal neuralgia. UChicago. 773-702-6222

Michael Rezak

Ascension St. Alexius. 847-981-3630

Ligia N. Rioja

Clinical neurophysiology; concussion; headache; stroke. Rush Oak Park. 312-942-5936

Lawrence D. Robbins

Headache; migraine; psychopharmacology. Riverwoods office. 847-374-9399

Raymond Roos

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS); multiple sclerosis; neurodegenerative disorders; prion diseases. UChicago. 773-702-6222

Jack M. Rozental

Dizziness and vertigo; headache; chronic pain. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-7950

Susan M. Rubin

Multiple sclerosis in women. NorthShore Glenbrook. 847-570-2570

Wayne A. Rubinstein

Myasthenia gravis; multiple sclerosis; sleep disorders. Advocate Lutheran. 847-723-4088

Michael J. Schneck

Stroke; aneurysm; vascular neurology. Loyola. 708-216-9000

Stephan U. Schuele

Epilepsy; seizure disorders; dystonia. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-7950

Teepu Siddique

ALS; neurogenetics; spasticity management; neurodegenerative disorders. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-7950

Christopher P. Simon

Stroke and cerebrovascular disease; epilepsy and seizure disorders; Alzheimer’s disease; headache. AdventHealth Hinsdale. 630-986-8770

Tatyana Simuni

Parkinson’s disease; movement disorders; clinical neurophysiology. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-7950

Michael C. Smith

Epilepsy; seizure disorders. Rush. 312-942-5936

Dusan Stefoski

Multiple sclerosis; optic nerve disorders; ataxia. Rush. 312-942-8011

Aimee Joy Szewka

Neuro-ophthalmology. Rush. 312-942-5936

Mian Z. Urfy

Epilepsy and seizure disorders. Advocate Lutheran. 847-723-4088

Melvin D. Wichter

Alzheimer’s disease; dementia; headache. Advocate Christ. 708-361-0222

John R. Wilson

Peripheral neuropathy; headache. Gottlieb. 708-681-7879

Robert B. Wright

Myasthenia gravis; migraine; headache; trigeminal neuralgia. Rush. 312-942-5936

Daniel Richard Wynn

Multiple sclerosis; sleep disorders; Parkinson’s disease; migraine. NorthShore Highland Park. 847-509-0270

Cindy Zadikoff

Movement disorders; Parkinson’s disease; Botox therapy for movement disorders. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-7950

Phyllis C. Zee

Sleep disorders; restless legs syndrome. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-7950


Thomas J. Grobelny

Interventional neuroradiology; cerebral aneurysm; stroke; arteriovenous malformations. Advocate Lutheran. 844-376-3876

His research sees promise in expanding the use of mechanical thrombectomy, a method for removing clots from brain arteries in stroke patients. The procedure is usually used in large arteries, but the Advocate Lutheran doctor and his coauthors found it’s also effective and safe in clearing out smaller arteries in higher areas of the brain that control functions like speech, vision, and movement.

Sasan Payvar

Ascension St. Joseph Joliet. 815-741-7200

Barry Rabin

Pediatric neuroradiology; fetal MRI. Advocate Lutheran. 847-723-5020

Harish N. Shownkeen

Interventional neuroradiology; stroke; arteriovenous malformations. Northwestern Central DuPage. 630-933-2113

The Northwestern Central DuPage doctor has studied the benefits of mobile stroke units —specialized ambulances with telemedicine connections, stroke-specific meds, and CT scanners that determine if a stroke was caused by bleeding or blockage. Diagnosing strokes in the field gets lifesaving treatment to patients 30 minutes faster.

Keith R. Thulborn

MRI. UI Health. 312-996-6776


Andrew Berman

Cataract surgery; LASIK refractive surgery; neuro-ophthalmology. 847-433-5888

Troy W. Close

Cataract surgery; glaucoma; neuro-ophthalmology. NorthShore. 773-271-3139

Jeffrey R. Haag

Neuro-ophthalmology; cataract surgery. Northwestern Central DuPage. 630-668-8250

Thomas R. Mizen

Neuro-ophthalmology; optic nerve disorders. Rush. 773-581-2000

Nicholas J. Volpe

Neuro-ophthalmology; strabismus. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-8150

Addiction Psychiatry

Robert W. Burton

Substance abuse. NorthShore Evanston. 312-203-3253

Deborah L. Couch

Addiction and substance abuse. Loyola. 708-216-6200

David C. Lott

Addiction and substance abuse. Edward. 630-730-5506

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Elizabeth V. Bernardino

ADD/ADHD; anxiety disorders. 630-325-4899

Norman A. Chapman

ADD/ADHD; bipolar and mood disorders. Advocate Lutheran. 847-940-0340

Edwin H. Cook Jr.

Autism spectrum disorders. UI Health. 312-996-7723

Susan Jane Friedland

ADD/ADHD; behavioral disorders; anxiety and mood disorders. Lurie. 312-227-2800

Steven H. Hanus

Depression; anxiety and mood disorders; eating disorders; substance abuse. NorthShore Evanston. 847-864-3444

Ahmed M. Hussain

Depression; ADD/ADHD; anxiety disorders; bipolar and mood disorders. Streamwood. 630-837-9000

Kathleen M. Kelley

Psychiatry in physical illness; trauma psychiatry. UI Health. 312-996-7723

MaryBeth Lake

Lurie. 800-543-7362

Karam Radwan

ADD/ADHD; bipolar and mood disorders; personality disorders; trauma psychiatry. UChicago. 773-702-3858

Marcia Slomowitz

ADD/ADHD; bipolar and mood disorders; anxiety and depression. Loop office. 312-726-1083

Geriatric Psychiatry

Sandra S. Swantek

Anxiety disorders; depression; memory disorders; mood disorders. Rush. 312-942-7030


Fatima Z. Ali

Eating disorders; women’s mental health; menopause problems; posttraumatic stress disorder. 630-690-2222

Syed H. Anwar

Ascension St. Joseph Elgin. 847-697-2400

Catherine C. Camilleri

Anxiety and mood disorders. Linden Oaks. 630-964-9400

Stephen R. Cann

Addiction and substance abuse. NorthShore Evanston. 847-559-9345

Mehmet E. Dokucu

TMS therapy for depression; psychiatry in cancer. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-5060

Geraldine S. Fox

Child and adolescent psychiatry; couples therapy; family therapy; psychodynamic psychotherapy. Oak Park office. 708-406-9772

John E. Franklin

Addiction and substance abuse; psychosomatic disorders; psychiatry in physical illness. Northwestern Memorial. 312-695-5060

Stephen G. Galston

Eating disorders; adolescent psychiatry; depression; anxiety disorders. 847-367-1611

David L. Goldberg

Adolescent psychiatry; anxiety disorders; psychotherapy; ADD/ADHD. 312-972-6432

Corey N. Goldstein

Anxiety disorders; bipolar and mood disorders; depression; psychotic disorders. Rush. 312-781-0696

Jon Edgar Grant

Impulse control disorders; addiction psychiatry. UChicago. 773-702-3858

The UChicago Medicine psychiatrist recently coauthored a study suggesting that cortical dopamine may help people with substance addiction and obsessive-compulsive disorders bring their habits under control.

Karen B. Kreiner

Anxiety disorders; depression; relationship problems. Northwestern Memorial. 312-920-0426

Harshad M. Mehta

Addiction and substance abuse. OSF. 708-425-8900

Heidi Meredith

Geriatric psychiatry. Skokie office. 847-679-5000

Kimberly E. Merenkov

Women’s mental health; stress management; anxiety disorders; depression. Northwestern Memorial. 312-251-0343

Frederick E. Miller

Geriatric psychiatry; psychopharmacology. NorthShore Evanston. 847-570-2540

Caroline M. Morrison

Bipolar and mood disorders; obsessive-compulsive disorder; anxiety and depression; panic disorder. 630-983-8920

Roueen Rafeyan

Addiction psychiatry. Ascension Resurrection. 773-536-2700

Murali S. Rao

Geriatric psychiatry; dual diagnosis. Loyola. 888-596-4633

Andrew H. Ripeckyj

Geriatric psychiatry; depression; dementia. Hines. 708-202-8387

David Schilling

Bipolar and mood disorders; depression. Loyola. 888-584-7888

Geoffrey Shaw

Depression; anxiety disorders; electroconvulsive therapy (ECT); psychopharmacology. Advocate Lutheran. 847-716-1302

Mark Shukhman

Addiction psychiatry; substance abuse; sex addiction; anxiety and mood disorders. NorthShore Skokie. 847-563-4488

Robert B. Shulman

ADD/ADHD; anxiety disorders; bipolar and mood disorders; dementia. Rush. 312-563-6637

Gregory A. Teas

Bipolar and mood disorders; addiction and substance abuse; anxiety disorders; depression. Ascension St. Alexius. 800-432-5005

Marie Tobin

Psychosomatic disorders; psychiatry in physical illness. UChicago. 773-702-3858

Pauline K. Wiener

Geriatric psychiatry; neuropsychiatry; anxiety disorders; dementia. Northwestern Central DuPage. 630-231-9400

Daniel Wyma

Mood disorders. Northwestern Central DuPage. 630-260-0606

John M. Zajecka

Bipolar and mood disorders; depression. Rush. 847-679-8000