Photograph: Alina Tsvor

The Westhoff Group


The Westhoff Group at Compass is one of the top producing teams in Chicagoland out of their Compass office. Headed by Hayley Westhoff, who was voted “Best Chicago (City) Realtor” by Better Magazine in 2021, the group provides concierge-level service and has helped more than 600 happy clients. The Westhoff Group is made up of highly skilled, experienced, and impeccably trained licensed real estate agents who go above and beyond for their clients in all facets of their transactions. In 2021, The Westhoff Group sold over $100,000,000 in real estate, with its listings selling 85 percent faster than the market average and a 99.1 percent list-to-sale price. The Westhoff Group has carefully cultivated a deep industry network that connects your listing to an expansive group of buyers from all over Chicagoland and across the country. The Westhoff Group assists with every aspect of the listing process from prepping your property for market, staging, access to our large network of contractors, and sophisticated marketing strategies.

On the buy side, expect in-depth market research supported by The Westhoff Group’s vast network and experience, personalized neighborhood tours, and, of course, access to the most exclusive off-market listings. With a deep understanding of all facets of the market, The Westhoff Group will be sure that its buyers are making informed purchasing decisions in support of their financial goals. With their five-star service, they will be sure to make the process as seamless as possible, and most importantly, fun!