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Photo: Francis Son

American Hip Institute

DRS. Benjamin Domb, Ajay Lall, Benjamin Saks, Andrew Jimenez, Hari Ankem, Payam Sabetian

The American Hip Institute (AHI) is the first and only clinic in the nation dedicated exclusively to providing advanced minimally-invasive treatment for patients with hip pain.

AHI’s team of surgeons have developed unique procedures in Hip Arthroscopy, Robotics, and cell therapies. Together, they have performed over 10,000 hip surgeries, and were the first in the nation to perform outpatient Robotic Hip Surgery.

Dr. Benjamin G. Domb, Founder and Medical Director of the American Hip Institute, explained why having a center like this is so important:

“Patients today seek specialized care more than ever. It can be very difficult for a patient with hip pain to find the right diagnosis, the right specialist, and the right treatment options.

“Having a comprehensive center specialized in the hip joint makes it possible to use a research-based approach to provide the best outcomes and patient experience in the world.”

AHI physicians have treated numerous professional athletes from the NFL, MLB, NBA, and WNBA, Olympians, and Division I athletes, and have served as Team Physicians and 2nd opinion consultants for multiple professional sports teams.

“Our mission is to care for every patient like a professional athlete.”

Each physician at AHI devotes time to charitable medical endeavors, research and education, through the non-profit American Hip Institute Research Foundation. They have written over 300 peer-reviewed studies in internationally ranked medical journals showing the outcomes of their innovative techniques. They teach surgeons from around the world, and are regularly invited as Visiting Professors and Guest Lecturers at prestigious universities such as the Mayo Clinic, Harvard, and Mass. General.

“The American Hip Institute aims to serve as a resource to other orthopedic surgeons, and to patients with challenging cases from across the country,” Dr. Domb said. “We work collaboratively to help patients get their lives back.”


999 E. Touhy Ave., Ste. 450, Des Plaines, IL 60018