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Photo: Francis Son

Riverwalk Family Dental

Dr. Jessica Durante, Dr. Jill Pasinski, Dr. Angelica Van Dyke, Dr. Lisa Worthley

What makes a dental practice truly exceptional?

The list is as diverse as the people you ask. Some might argue it’s one that discusses all available treatment options, explains preventive techniques, works gently, produces excellent results, and charges a fair price. Others may say it is the environment. Ours is a comfortable spa-like setting with a clean, organized, sufficiently staffed practice who are able to provide a comprehensive dental experience at a higher level. However, most would agree that any practice is only as good as those who deliver the care. Our highly skilled, well-trained, diverse, caring, compassionate, and ethical team is truly the reason for our success.

Our commitment is to provide the highest-quality outcome and to educate the patient utilizing our in-office multispecialty approach. We are a privately owned practice, and our doctors train with the top dental experts in the country. We are the place to go for comprehensive, cosmetic dentistry as well as high-quality general care.

Our dental practice is dedicated to our patients overall physical well-being based on the premise that good oral hygiene is a critical component to the overall wellness of our patient. Our list of patient testimonials speaks volumes regarding our continued commitment to our patients and our community. Riverwalk Family Dental has been selected by the people of Naperville repeatedly as one of the best dental practices in Naperville. Our diverse comprehensive dental experience will brighten your smile!


209 W. Jefferson Ave, Naperville, IL 60540